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Health & Wellness Coaching

Aspire to Change

I help people manage and navigate stress, life changes, and sleep

About Section

How I Can Help

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Stress Management

Navigate and manage

stress and burnout

Life Change Support

Prepare and execute transformative life projects

Sleep Management

Create sleep-promoting

routines and behaviors


I've Been Here Too...

  • Do you have poor sleep and need help? 

  • Suffer from acute and chronic stress but not sure what to do?

  • Burned out and need support and guidance?

  • Dream of making life changes but unsure how?

Aliz Axmann Health & Wellness Coach sitting in yoga pose by water

My Journey

I spent my adult life doing way too much, pushing myself to be more “successful” and prove I was worthy and lovable. Eventually, chronic stress led to GI issues, adrenal gland fatigue, and insomnia.

My physical, mental, and emotional issues became a catalyst for changing my life and pursuing my dream: helping like-minded, adventurous, driven, and gentle souls like You.

Let's Work Together

I invite you to a transformative journey towards enhanced health and wellness. Throughout this journey we will:

  • Deepen self-compassion

  • Uncover your true Self

  • Create meaning

  • Build resilience

  • Experience fun and joy

Aliz Axmann Health & Wellness Coach standing up against railing

Start a


Schedule a free discovery call to discuss your goals, challenges, and explore how we can work together.



Create a

Personalized Plan


We’ll develop a customizable and actionable plan to help achieve your goals and vision.



Enjoy Health

& Wellness

I’ll be guiding and supporting you every step of the way as you work toward your goals. 




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Alex E.

“Working with Aliz on discovering, refining, and implementing healthy habits helped me tremendously in achieving better work-life balance and reaching my overall health goals...that had eluded me for years."

Angel B.

"Aliz is patient, kind, and respectful during our sessions. I admire her ability to highlight my strengths I may have never thought of before. She encourages me to continue working on myself to be a better mom, wife, and woman.”

Sudipt D.

"Being coached by Aliz has been an enriching experience. She is kind-hearted, authentic, understanding, and encouraging. I have benefited immensely from her somatic exercises...she will be able to help anybody that she coaches.”

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.”
- B. K. S. Iyengar

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